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The Salesians

The Salesians are a religious Congregation of priests and brothers founded by Saint John Bosco in 1859. They were named after Francis de Sales, the saintly bishop of Geneva renowned for his kindness and meekness. They are present in 128 different countries, with 16,560 members.

Founder Don Bosco 

Our Founder is Saint John Bosco, better known as Don Bosco (Don is the Italian for Father). He lived in Turin, in the North of Italy at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Even before becoming a priest he used to gather poor and abandoned boys from the streets, educating them to becoming good Christians and honest citizens. He used to say: Education is a matter of the heart.

In the footsteps of their founder, the Salesians of Don Bosco (S.D.B.), work preferably among the young as educators. Their educational practice rests on three pillars, inherited from Don Bosco: reason, religion and loving kindness. The foundation of that system wants to be a sympathetic understanding of the young and an active presence among them, helping them to grow.

Salesian lifestyle is both practical and academic, with great emphasis on experience of living in community and working with young people. 

Salesian Relationships with the Young

Don Bosco asked Salesians to treat the young as their teachers. To learn the needs, hopes, and insecurities of young people should be paramount in the minds and the hearts of Salesians. This attitude of reverence is rooted in the recognition of God’s unfolding presence in every young life. The Salesian serves this inner spirit in the young by growing into the Gospel image of the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep. In adopting this good shepherd role four relationship skills are vital

Students must not only be loved, they must know that they are loved.” John Bosco

About Joe

During my tenure at the youth leadership center (YLC), I started and coordinated many projects, and I’ve planned and lead many retreats. I have participated in two World Youth Days with Pope Benedict in Germany and Pope  John Paul II in Toronto. I look forward to sharing my life experiences with all of you.  I look forward to working with all you in the upcoming years.

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CATECHISM 2020-2021:

- home-based
- no online classes
- parents, you are your child's teacher!
- only occasional videos to watch