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Youcat Formations

This is a Catechetical formation for Catechists and parents who wish to grow in their faith and strengthen or start their relationship with God.  The Formation will be following Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) Faith Studies Discovery book. The Book and course will be 10$ and will be offered on Saturday’s and Sunday’s during the Catechism sessions.

The Following is the Schedule for the 2017-2018 Catechism Year.

Saturday 3:15 to 4:45                       Sunday 9:30-11:00

CHURCH HALL                                     YLC 3RD FLOOR


October 28                                             October 29

November 11                                         November 12

December 2                                           December 3

January 20                                               January 21

February 3                                              February 4

March 17                                                 March 18


All those that participate will be awarded a certificate signed from the Archbishop and sealed as approved Catholic formation. Certificates will be awarded at a Final get together at a restaurant (date to be determined)

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