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Last update: August 2, 2021 at 10am


Welcome to Missione Maria Ausiliatrice’s Catechism website. Missione Maria Ausiliatrice was built in 1984 to serve the community of Rivière des Prairies. When the Montreal school boards became linguistic, the church took on a more active role in teaching Catechism to the communities’ youngest members. In 2000, the Faith First office took control of the Catechism program. In 2013, the office of Faith and Family moved towards a new course of Catechism called, "Be My Disciples." This program is still in use today!

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Deadline to register: August 31st 

Salesians of Don Bosco SDB.org

Diocese of Montreal 

Online registrations are paid via Visa or MasterCard.
The pricing is a non-refundable registration fee of 100.00$ for the first child & 75.00$ for each sibling.

In-person registrations will now have to be made by scheduling an appointment with me.
There are NO late registration fees.



Sacrament celebrations still hold
a restricted amount of guests.

Communion celebrations allow for 6 people,
including the child receiving Communion.

Confirmation celebrations allow for 6 people,
including the child being Confirmed + the Godparent.




Be My Disciples workbook verification dates have passed.
If you were unable to attend, please contact Joe at pcl.jdistaulo@gmail.com to arrange an individual meeting for workbook verification.







Please start handing in the Godparent forms
to: faithandfamilyrdp@gmail.com

If you are missing the Green form,
please click *here* to print a copy.


Volunteer your time with Special Events or Sacrament Practice. The Catechism program is always looking for help to prepare or supervise during our sacraments and special events during the catechism year. Speak to Joe or Sylvia for more info.

Become a Catechist

The Catechism does not work without the help, support and generosity of our Catechists. Become part of the team and help a young person be closer to God.  Speak to  Joe and Sylvia for more info. 


Sponsor a special event with equipment or special aid that can help us from where you work. A lot of our special events include food and media equipment that is expensive to buy or hard to rent. Speak to Joe or Sylvia for more info.